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Inpatient Drug Treatment

Inpatient Drug Treatment

Inpatient drug treatment centers can be a safe haven and a place to get your life back on track.

Inpatient drug treatment is a more intensive type of treatment, as the people with drug problems will be staying at inpatient treatment centers, which makes it more difficult to get drugs. Because of this the success rate for rehabilitation is higher for inpatient treatment. The more a person is addicted to drugs, especially harder drugs such as cocaine, heroine, and amphetamines to name just a few, the more a type of inpatient drug treatment should be used.

Inpatient treatment requires that the people in the program that wants to get on the road to sobriety to live on-site at the rehab center. The length of the stat and the inpatient drug treatment center will depend on the individual needs of the person in the program. Most inpatient drug treatment centers are for both men and women and care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Inpatient Drug Treatment – The Detoxification Process and Counseling

With severe addictions to drugs many people need to go to the detoxification (detox) process in order to eliminate the drugs from the body. The detox process is a very difficult one and inpatient treatment centers can make it easier, as there will be a medical staff that can help the people get through it. When the detox process is over the inpatient drug treatment is not complete, as the person still is addicted to drugs. This is when inpatient treatment centers will use counseling in order to help recovering addicts deal with the stress that may have caused the drug problem in the first place. In patient drug treatment programs will have counselors on staff to help people deal with their psychological addictions. There are various models for counseling treatment, including 12-step, holistic and psychological approaches.

Individual and Group Inpatient Drug Treatment

There are programs that are tailored for individuals as well as those that use a group setting. With an individual inpatient drug treatment you will get one-on-one counseling while in a group setting you will be in a group setting. Many times inpatient treatment centers can be good for people, as since there are others in the group that are struggling with similar problems this can be a pillar of support for someone that is having drug dependence issues. Typically, individual treatment centers will be more expensive.

Inpatient Drug Treatment – Aftercare

When a person finishes their program at an in patient drug treatment center they will be thrust back into their normal life and they are not in an inpatient center so they will be able to get their hands on drugs. This is why many inpatient treatment centers will offer some type of aftercare. An aftercare program can make the transition back to regular life easier, as the person will still receive counseling for their addiction. Most of these types of aftercare programs are outpatient treatment programs. When a person goes through counseling and an after care program their chances of suffering a relapse decrease.

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