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Drug Rehab Costs

Drug Rehab

How much drug rehab costs can vary depending on the treatment plan you choose.

You may have considered drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one but because of the drug rehab costs and other factors associated with drug addiction treatment, maybe you still haven’t made a final decision. The fact is that drug rehab costs money and for an addict, often times money is hard to come by. Depending on the type of drug treatment that an individual seeks and the level of care that is provided as well as many other factors, drug rehab costs can very quickly add up and may even become overwhelming.

What Does Drug Rehab Cost?

The big question at hand here is, “What does drug rehab cost?” The problem with answering this question generally is that there are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of drug rehab including the length of the rehab program, the type of rehab, the medications that are used, location and many other things. A range of costs can be associated with drug rehab and these costs differ significantly across the board. On the high end, drug rehab costs in excess of 5 figures per month, on the low end, drug rehab may be very low cost or even free.

Difference in Drug Rehab Costs Based on Treatment Levels

There are many difference between the costs of drug rehab based on the level of treatment that is provided. Inpatient drug rehab costs more than outpatient drug rehab in most cases and luxury drug rehab costs more than affordable drug rehab. For the most part, the higher level of treatment and monitoring that is provided the higher the cost of drug rehab. Even the cost of outpatient drug rehab programs can differ based on the level of treatment being provided. An outpatient drug rehab program that offers only 2 weekly meetings will, in most cases, be cheaper than an outpatient rehab program that provides daily meetings.

Paying the Drug Rehab Costs

When you realize the various costs associated with drug rehab you are probably wondering once again, “how am I going to pay these costs?” There are a number of ways that you can pay the various costs associated with drug rehab including insurance, employee benefits, cash and other options. Initially, if you have an insurance plan or you are covered by state benefits or health insurance then you should consider whether your insurance coverage will pay the drug rehab costs. Most insurance plans offer some type of coverage for drug rehab and many state plans are required to cover the cost of drug detox even if the entire rehab program is not covered.

Employee benefits may also provide some type of coverage for drug rehab. Many employers will pay for your drug treatment in an effort to heal you and get you back to full productivity in the workplace. Sometimes, the cost of drug rehab is easier for an employer to commit to than the idea of firing you, paying for unemployment on your case, hiring another employee and training that employee. If you are suffering from a drug addiction problem and need help paying the drug rehab costs associated with the treatment that you need, consider checking your employee benefit package or asking for assistance from your employer directly.

Additionally, many drug rehab programs offer a sliding fee scale that will allow you to pay the costs of drug rehab based on the ability that you have to pay. For instance, you will pay more during the months in which you make more money and less when you have made less money. This makes it easier for many people to pay drug rehab costs out of pocket.

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