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Luxury Drug Treatment

Luxury Drug Treatment Program

Take the time you need to recover in a luxury drug treatment center.

If you are suffering from an addiction to drugs and have opted not to receive treatment for your addiction because you don’t like the idea of attending drug treatment in a hospital like setting or you do not think that the accommodations at a drug treatment center will fit your needs, luxury drug treatment centers may be the answer to your problems. Luxury drug treatment centers provide high end accommodations that will meet the needs of even the most executive or wealthy individual who is in need of addiction treatment.

Benefits of Luxury Drug Treatment

Luxury drug treatment has many benefits over standard or traditional drug treatment. The most profound benefit is probably that a luxury drug treatment center will not feel like a hospital or traditional drug treatment center in that the accommodations are much nicer and more luxurious. Some of the additional benefits of luxury drug treatment include:

  • Privacy: luxury drug treatment centers provide private accommodations
  • Low Patient to Counselor Ratio: luxury drug treatment centers have a few patients assigned to each counselor so there is more opportunity for one-on-one counseling and support
  • Spa Like Setting: luxury drug treatment centers often use a spa like setting in which services are provided
  • Worry Free Zone: luxury drug treatment is provided in a “worry free zone” where the only thing that matters is recovery from addiction
  • Comfort: luxury drug treatment centers afford all the comforts of home such as flat screen televisions, cable, internet access and cozy living spaces to assure that the patient is comfortable during treatment

Respect for Privacy at Luxury Drug Treatment Centers

Luxury drug treatment centers highly value the privacy of the addict during treatment. Often times, executives and other professionals who do not with to share their addiction with others find that luxury drug treatment programs offer the best options for privacy while receiving the treatment that they need to make a full recovery from addiction. Because the groups are typically very small at luxury drug treatment centers, it’s easy for addicts to maintain their privacy and build trusting relationships with their group in a small, quaint setting.

What to Expect at a Luxury Drug Treatment Center

When you enter luxury drug treatment you can expect to have all the comforts of home (almost all of them anyway) at your fingertips. Although you are receiving treatment for addiction the entire time you are at the facility, the treatment will feel more like a mini vacation from drugs than a strict treatment regimen. At luxury drug treatment centers you will receive assistance for both the physical and psychological dependence that you have on drugs while also enjoying luxurious accommodations and treatment methods.

Luxury drug treatment centers provide patients with their own room and private bathroom during the treatment process. Additionally, many luxury drug treatment centers also offer private living quarters or semi private living quarters that include living rooms, a private outside seating area and other amenities. You can expect to be server gourmet meals at luxury drug treatment centers, in most cases the meals are planned and cooked by a gourmet chef that works for the facility. You can also expect to receive many alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and other techniques.

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