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Free Drug Treatment

Free Drug Treatment

Free drug treatment programs are offered by different state and government funded agencies. 

The old saying, “nothing’s for free” couldn’t be more true today. It’s getting harder and harder to find something for nothing these days but contrary to what you may think, there are free drug treatment options available to you. While free drug treatment may not be found at every treatment center in the country, many communities provide various options that help addicts get the help that they need at a cost that is affordable or even completely free.

Funding Free Drug Treatment Programs

Many state and local government agencies provide funding for free drug treatment programs. They do this because it is considered better to have community members who suffer from addiction getting the help that they need than have them out on the streets robbing, stealing and committing other crimes to support their habit. Funding for free drug treatment programs may come from local agencies, state and local governments, community organizations, religious groups and a variety of other sources.

Free Drug Treatment at Inpatient Facilities

Probably the most difficult type of free drug treatment to find is inpatient treatment. Inpatient drug treatment is typically difficult to find anyway because these facilities have limited space, drug addiction is a massive problem within most communities and therefore availability in an inpatient drug treatment center is most always limited. Additionally, inpatient drug treatment is typically very costly because these facilities must provide around the clock care, monitoring and residential housing for the addicts who are in treatment making this type of treatment even less likely to be offered for free.

There are some options that you may find for free inpatient drug treatment. For instance, your church or religious organization may provide the funding for you to attend a free drug treatment program that is either inpatient or outpatient. Additionally, if you are covered by state insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid or you have been in trouble with the law and are referred to inpatient drug treatment you may be able to have the cost of inpatient treatment waived.

Free Outpatient Drug Treatment Options

Outpatient drug treatment is typically much cheaper than inpatient drug treatment because it does not include residential housing, around the clock monitoring or the large facility that is required to house patients. Various free options exist for outpatient drug treatment including Narcotic’s Anonymous (NA) and other Anonymous Groups, and support groups.

Although the Anonymous groups such as Narcotic’s Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous do not require a fee for their services they do accept donations so that those who are able to provide for the group will do so willingly. Additionally, many community outreach centers and other organizations offer free outpatient drug treatment services.

Another common outpatient drug treatment service that is often provided free of charge or at low cost is methadone treatment for heroin addiction and opiate addiction. Methadone clinics provide medications to patients on an outpatient basis at low cost or no cost depending on various factors such as the income level of the patient, whether or not they receive state assistance and various other factors.

Finding Free Drug Treatment Programs

If you are considering drug treatment but don’t know if you can afford it, free drug treatment options can open many doors for you to get the help that you need to make a full recovery from addiction. Finding free drug treatment programs in your area begins with a phone call to your local community outreach center, government services office or religious organization. Talk with friends and family members, social services workers or the local hospital to find out what free drug treatment options are available to assist you with the addiction recovery process.

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