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Faith Based Drug Treatment

Faith Based Drug Treatment

Faith based drug treatment programs differ from traditional programs.

Faith results in the power to heal, but a person must do his own part if it is to work. This belief is the foundation of faith based drug treatment. It gives the addict the opportunity to strengthen his faith, put it into action, and see the amazing results.

How is Faith Based Treatment Different?

When you look at a faith based drug treatment program, you may be surprised to see the similarities between it and traditional treatment programs. A good faith based treatment program consists of twelve steps, counseling, and education.

However, faith based drug treatment differs from traditional programs because each of these aspects of treatment have your Higher Power at the center. In fact, you may not even use the term Higher Power, because you know your Higher Power is God. You will not need to use a secular term when you participate in a faith based treatment program.

The counseling and education you receive will also be based on Biblical principles. While you are learning how to deal with your addiction, you will be learning how to apply these principles to your recovery program.

Faith based treatment has more to offer to the Christian in recovery. You may have found the lifestyle you led when drug addiction controlled you was much different from the Christian way of life you were familiar with in the past. The ministers you meet in a faith based drug treatment program will help you get back on the right path. As they have been specially trained to help recovering addicts and alcoholics, you do not have to be afraid or ashamed. You will not be judged for your mistakes, but advised about how to rely on the Lord so you can move forward. The Christian way of life you led before you became addicted can be yours again.

Faith Based Treatment Requires Action

You may have heard an addict say he turned everything over to God, and could not understand why nothing changed. The fact is while relying on God is the way to your recovery, it will not happen if you do not do your own part.

Faith does not mean being lazy or idle. You must demonstrate willingness for the recovery you want, and put what you are learning in treatment into action. This includes the willingness to listen to your counselor’s and minister’s advice, and apply it to your life. It means taking the initiative to make choices in accordance to your Christian beliefs. Bars, parties where drugs and alcohol are available, and the friends you did those things with can all be left in the past. Instead, you can begin an entirely new way of life.

God can bless you with the miracle of recovery, and the Christian life you want to lead. Constructive action on your part is necessary. Everything you learn and put into action in your faith based drug treatment program is only the beginning. When you see how God has blessed you with this second chance, you will see your life itself is a wonderful miracle.

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