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Christian Drug Treatment

Christian Drug Treatment Program

A Christian drug treatment offers a faith based approach to recovery.

Christian drug treatment differs from other drug treatment, as it is a faith based approach to help people with their drug addiction. Many times Christian treatment has higher success rates for getting people off drugs than other typical types of drug treatment. When people who believe in God turn to drugs they have often lost their faith, and Christian drug addiction treatment can help these people reconnect with God. One of the more popular types of Christian drug treatment is Alcoholic’s Anonymous, which uses a 12-step program and the Bible to help people with their addiction.

What Christian Drug Treatment Offers

While Christian drug treatment can offer many of the same things that other programs offer such as the detoxification process and behavioral therapy, they are unique because they also offer Bible study and prayer groups. The goal of any Christian drug addiction treatment is to get people sober, but they use a spiritual approach to do so. Through things like Bible study and prayer groups people that have an addiction to drugs not only strengthen their faith, but they can also share their experiences with other Christians that are trying to get sober. This is important because people that are addicted can see they are not alone and they have a pillar of support not only from the staff at the Christian treatment, but other addicts as well.

Drug treatment and faith based counseling can be very helpful in getting people to find the road to recovery. Many Christian drug treatment centers will also offer family counseling for the family members of drug addicts. If a person that is addicted to drugs sees how their addiction has an effect on their loved ones it can help them deal with their problem more effectively. Using a faith based approach through counseling not only helps people reaffirm their faith in God, but that strength can make it less likely that they will relapse. Attending an outpatient drug treatment program after going though an inpatient Christian drug treatment program is very important, which is why many churches offer these types of programs for recovering addicts.

Choosing a Christian Drug Treatment

Any time a person believes in God and wants to pick a type of Christian drug treatment it is important to find the one that is best for their situation. Many times a person that wants to get on the road to sobriety can talk to a drug counselor or even a priest or pastor to find the type of Christian treatment that is right for them. People that have faith may feel more comfortable when they are around people of the same faith and going through the same problems. A spiritual connection with God is more likely to happen at a Christian drug treatment center. There are both inpatient and outpatient Christian drug addiction treatment programs and the kind of treatment that should be used will depend on how intense the person’s addiction is. The more a person is addicted to drugs and the longer they have been addicted the more that an inpatient Christian drug treatment should be used.

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