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Alternative Drug Treatment

Alternative Drug Treatment Program

An alternative drug treatment program offers a different approach to the recovery process.

If you’ve tried traditional drug treatment and realized that it’s not working for you, no matter what the reason, alternative drug treatment programs may be able to provide you with a “different” type of addiction treatment that will be more effective for you. Alternative drug treatment is not for everyone, but for some, sobriety is fostered by the various treatment modalities and alternative methods that are provided at alternative drug treatment centers.

Alternative Drug Treatment Methods

Various alternative drug treatment methods exist to help an addict overcome physical and psychological dependence on drugs. Some of the most common alternative drug treatment methods include acupuncture, saunas, art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, meditation, and various experimental medications and other techniques.

Using an alternative approach to drug treatment, addicts are not faced with the traditional 12-step theory or model of recovery that requires them to accept a higher power as being in control of themselves and their addiction. Alternative drug treatment methods use various philosophies that incorporate treatment for the mind, body and soul to assure that the entire system of the person is healed. Rather than focus on 12 steps that require spiritual change, alternative drug treatment methods may provide a range of services that focus on all aspects of the person and their life both pre-addiction and post-addiction.

Philosophy Behind Alternative Drug Treatment

Alternative drug treatment uses a different philosophy to treating addiction. Rather than view the addict as an individual who is strictly sick with addiction to drugs, the alternative drug treatment model will focus on the internal consequences and the external environment associated with the addiction. Alternative drug treatment programs are usually provided in an office like setting rather than a hospital setting.

A therapeutic approach is taken to assure that the addict is comfortable while they receive addiction treatment. Alternative drug treatment can take many forms and the services will range significantly depending on the type of addiction and treatment being provided. Most importantly, alternative drug treatment programs do not use traditional treatment methods to help an addict overcome addiction.

Who Should Get Alternative Drug Treatment?

Alternative drug treatment is not for everyone and may not be effective for everyone. If you are not interested in alternative therapies or you are set in the ways of the 12-step traditional treatment model then an alternative drug treatment program will probably not work for you. However, if you are ready to seek new ways of overcoming addiction and healing then an alternative drug treatment program can provide you with many benefits including support, therapy and the right level of care to assure that you have the best chance of becoming sober and maintaining that sobriety for a lifetime.

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