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Drug Treatment Centers Types

Drug Treatment Center

There are many different drug treatment center types that could assist you through your recovery process.

There are many different types of drug treatment centers that provide a range of addiction treatment services which have been developed to meet the very unique needs of individuals of all walks of life. From affordable drug treatment programs that offer no frills type services to luxury drug treatment centers that provide high end accommodations that are fit for a king or queen, there truly is a drug treatment center that can fit the very unique treatment needs of every type of individual suffering from all types of addiction. If you are wondering what type of drug treatment center is going to be most effective at helping you to overcome addiction, you have come to the right place.

Holistic Drug Treatment Centers

Holistic drug treatment centers are a relatively new shift towards total health and wellness in addition to addiction treatment. These drug treatment centers focus on helping an individual to heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically for a whole body and systemic approach to addiction treatment. Holistic drug treatment centers realize that addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life and not just their organs or their mental state. Holistic drug treatment centers provide a range of treatment options including acupuncture, massage, spiritual guidance and medical intervention.

Affordable Drug Treatment Centers

Affordable drug treatment centers provide effective drug treatment options at a price that consumers can afford to pay. For those who have been addicted to drugs for a prolonged period of time the ability to pay for drug treatment can be difficult to fathom but with the help of these affordable drug treatment centers options become available. Affordable drug treatment centers may not provide high end or luxurious accommodations but they can offer counseling, therapy and the treatment methods that are necessary to help an addict overcome their addiction.

Alternative Drug Treatment Centers

Alternative drug treatment centers do not use traditional methods of treatment to aid addicts in the recovery process. Although certain common factors can be found in alternative drug treatment centers such as the use of therapy and counseling, these centers also incorporate a range of other treatment modalities into the daily regimen to help addicts overcome physical and psychological dependence on a range of substances. Some of the most common alternative drug treatments that are used include acupuncture, sauna treatments, massage, and various therapies such as art therapy and equine therapy.

Faith Based Drug Treatment Centers

Faith based drug treatment centers provide a non-traditional approach to drug treatment that includes a heavy focus on the faith of the individual. For instance, Christian drug treatment centers focus heavily on the Christian faith, the teachings of the Bible and God as a higher power that can provide addicts with the strength to become sober. Christian drug treatment centers are the most common of the faith based drug treatment centers but there are others that focus on different types of faith or religion.

Luxury Drug Treatment Centers

Luxury drug treatment centers provide high end accommodations and many frills that cannot be found in a free or affordable drug treatment center. Luxury drug treatment centers usually cost much more than a traditional drug treatment program but they also offer many additional services that cannot be found in other forms of drug treatment. The benefits of luxury drug treatment centers include private settings, luxurious accommodations, and small groups which make for more one-on-one counseling.