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Have you considered drug rehab but because of the high cost decided to attempt to deal with your drug addiction without formal treatment? Although free drug rehab may sound too good to be true, there are some free drug rehab options available that can help you to completely overcome addiction without the high cost of traditional drug rehab. Understanding what free drug rehab options are offered and where they are offered will help you find suitable and effective drug rehab at a cost you can afford.

State Funded Free Drug Rehab Programs

Often times the state or local government will fund free drug rehab programs. Free drug rehab programs that are funded by the state may be provided on a limited basis such as only to those who are residents of the state and who receive some type of government assistance such as food stamps, SSI or welfare. Other state funded programs provide free drug rehab services to those who have been arrested in connection with their drug addiction as an alternative to jail or other punishment for a crime.

Free Drug Rehab Programs Funded by Religious Organizations

Many churches and religious organizations will offer free drug rehab or assistance in paying for drug rehab. If you are a member of the local church and you have a drug addiction problem, talking with the priest or pastor at the church may prove to be beneficial. You can ask if they provide any type of community assistance or funding for drug rehab. If you are a strong member of the congregation then the church may opt to pay the full price of drug rehab for you or they may at least provide assistance for you or your family to help with drug treatment.

Community Funded Free Drug Rehab Programs

Many community organizations and social support services will offer free drug rehab services. Some only offer outpatient services such as medications to help with detoxification and withdrawal while others offer full inpatient treatment programs. Community funded free drug rehab programs may be paid for by various members of the community including non-profit organizations and social service groups as well as certain government organizations. In most cases, in order to receive treatment at a free drug rehab program that is funded by the community it is necessary for you to be a resident of the community.

Finding Free Drug Rehab

If you are addicted to drugs, it’s important to get the help that you need as soon as possible. Free drug rehab programs may not always be easy to find and may take some work but the end result is drug treatment that is provided to you absolutely FREE of charge. Regardless of your budget or the how limited your budget is, you should not feel like you must go through addiction alone. Finding free drug rehab programs in your area begins with solid knowledge and understanding of what the free drug rehab options are. Asking questions and seeking answers gets you on the road to recovery fast and free.

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