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Drug Rehab Center Types

Drug Rehab Center Types

Finding the right drug rehab center will make all the difference in your recovery success rate.

There are many different types of drug rehab centers that provide a range of services to help those who are addicted to street drugs, prescription medications and other substances. Regardless of how long you have been addicted to drugs or how bad the addiction is, there is a drug rehab center that can provide you with the help, hope and support that you need to overcome physical dependence on drugs and heal from the psychological trauma and pain that has been caused by addiction. The most common types of drug rehab centers include holistic drug rehab centers, Christian drug rehab centers and private drug rehab centers but there are also luxury rehab centers, affordable rehab centers and even free drug rehab centers providing a range of options for various individuals.

Free Drug Rehab Centers

Free drug rehab centers provide the most affordable option for addicts who need treatment—it’s free! Free drug rehab centers may not provide the luxurious accommodations that can be found at more expensive treatment centers but they do provide a no frills option where people can get the help that they need without paying the high cost for all the “extras” that may not necessarily be a requirement for a full recovery. Read more about free drug rehab centers here.

Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

Holistic drug rehab centers provide a relatively new form of drug treatment that has been proven to be highly effective at helping an addict to overcome the many facets of addiction including physical dependence, psychological trauma, emotional trauma, and spiritual trauma. Holistic drug rehab centers take a whole system approach to treating an addict and do not focus solely on healing the physical aspects of an individual but rather they focus on healing spiritual, emotional, physical and mental states. For more information about holistic drug rehab centers, read here.

Christian Drug Rehab Centers

Christian drug rehab centers provide a faith based approach to addiction treatment that focuses heavily on the Christian belief system. These drug rehab centers provide Christians with the foundation and support that they need to rebuild their spiritual side and trust in God to help them overcome addiction. Christian drug rehab centers focus much of the treatment regimen on daily services and counseling with a Pastor or Priest. Read here for more information about Christian Drug Rehab Centers.

Affordable Drug Rehab Centers

Affordable drug rehab centers provide another affordable treatment option but not FREE. Affordable rehab centers offer low cost services that are aimed at helping an addict to overcome physical and psychological addiction. Most affordable drug rehab centers do not provide luxurious accommodations and they do not offer unnecessary treatments or a lot of “extras” but they do offer the counseling, therapy and medications necessary to help an addict effectively overcome addiction. Read for more information about affordable drug rehab centers.

Private Drug Rehab Centers

Private drug rehab centers typically offer many luxury or high end accommodations and highly value the privacy of the addict receiving treatment. These rehab centers are typically more costly than an affordable rehab center but for those who are conscientious about maintaining their privacy during addiction treatment, these programs offer a great benefit. Private drug rehab centers usually feature private accommodations, small groups, and many opportunities for one-on-one counseling. For more information, read this about private drug rehab centers.

Luxury Drug Rehab Centers

Luxury drug rehab centers provide the high end accommodations and extras that those who value luxurious accommodations are looking for. Many luxury drug rehab centers will offer spa like settings, private accommodations, and high end treatments such as equine therapy, art therapy, acupuncture, massage and saunas. If you’re looking for the frills and extras, luxury drug rehab centers have got the treatment you are looking for. Read for more information about luxury drug rehab centers.